Free Consultation 


A one on one meeting to discuss your needs and expectations of postpartum care. We will collaborate on designing the perfect sanctuary of support for your unique family.




Postpartum Care


The needs of each family vary greatly. In each 3 hour visit, Mother to Mother offers a combination of services depending on the circumstances and challenges of that particular day.


Services often include, but are not limited to:

  • non-judgemental feeding support

  • non-judgemental emotional support for the entire family

  • physical assistance and care aimed at supporting your body's ability to heal after birth

  • newborn care education

  • postpartum nutritional support rooted in traditional practices

  • sibling care 

  • development of a sustainable self care practice

  • personalized community resource referrals 

postpartum doula Brooklyn

Postpartum Fitness


My career as a dancer informs my work as a doula. I provide all my clients with instruction on gentle core strengthening and stretching designed for your postnatal body. We focus on the power of breath, simple postural adjustments, and gently strengthening the pelvic floor and abdominal wall while easing back and neck tension caused by baby wearing, nursing, and sleep deprivation. 

Together, we develop a plan that's easy to incorporate into your lifestyle, so you can reconnect with your body and feel grounded again.


Support Between Visits 


Text and email support are included between visits because you will have all kinds of questions. You can feel safe knowing you don't have to spiral down a google hole to get the evidence-based information you need!