Client Testimonials


"Amber taught me the importance of making sure that I take care of myself, so that I can be the best mother I can possibly be - invaluable advice that we were able to put into practice together." 

- Robyn

"Breastfeeding eded up being a big challenge for us for many reasons, and the whole time I felt supported by Amber. Nothing can really prepare you for birth, but in my case nothing could have prepared me for breastfeeding. I will always be grateful that I had someone as kind, nurturing, and knowledgeable as Amber during that challenging time."

- Kimia

"First and foremost, Amber provided me with love, warmth, and acceptance during the early days of my baby's life. She was extremely supportive of my emotional well being -- whether I was feeling joy and elation or fear and vulnerability -- during this journey. I really miss our visits and her incredible warmth and caring! Amber provided a wealth of resources for all my questions -- breast feeding, physical health post partum, infant safety, and so on -- when I needed it most. She was always accessible and available to me via phone and text in addition to her regular visits. During our visits, I always felt cared for -- it was great to be able to relax, eat, chat, learn, or just sleep and know that both my baby and I were in good hands. I should note too that my husband enjoyed her presence -- Amber was able to support the whole family."

- Lauren


"Amber was very helpful and provided us with some key adjustments and information that made our new parenthood much placed us miles ahead compared to what we would have had to discover on our own."

- Michelle


"As a new father I completely endorse Mother to Mother. Amber helped my wife and I so much in the first couple weeks with the basics and so much more. Thanks so much!”       

- Tim 

"Amber made my postpartum experience after the birth of my second child so much better. In short, she is amazing! She came in and got down to business, making me feel really well taken care of and giving me the opportunity to rest and relax. Because she met with me before my daughter's birth, she had a good sense of my needs, and she also was excellent at anticipating other needs. It was a true gift to have someone take care of me and look out for my needs, and Amber was a caring and relaxing presence in our home. I highly recommend her!"

- Amber W



"Amber was there on our first day back from the hospital after a stressful birth. Her calm, positive and cheerful presence and her excellent listening skills really helped us transition to our first weeks of newborn care, and she was invaluable in helping us and reassuring us afterwards with many issues that came up. She radiates an aura of joy, but is down to earth. I trust her completely and would definitely recommend her."

- Anton



"Amber came into our home and immediately provided a calming presence and nurtured us as we navigated the first few cloudy days of parenthood. She thought of ways to help us adapt that we never would have thought of. Not having family near by, being first time parents, and having a c-section were all reasons to have a postpartum doula. Amber added to the magical experience of being new parents. We'll always recall how special it was to have her help!"

- Sondra 


"Amber honored me with the Mexican Closing of the Bones Ceremony, after my C-section. She began with a luxurious bath of nourishing herbs, followed by a sweet mummification with a partner. They swaddled me from heart to toes, literally gluing my splayed insides back together. I felt supported and loved. After bursting convex from pregnancy, I felt a calm integration, a renewal of individual womanhood. Amber’s presence was centered, powerfully driven, yet tender."

- Julie 

"I felt full of light like I haven't since giving birth. Amber's session was a beautiful way to process some of what I've been through, and now I feel like I'm really crossing a new threshold with this Forth Trimester. I'm SO glad I did it."

- Paige 


"I have found myself telling others about how useful Amber's workshop was, and have put some of our notes from the exercises up on the fridge as reminders for when we bring the little ones home. I loved coming home with tangible ways we could try to nourish ourselves physically and emotionally and imagining times that we can incorporate these practices into our post-baby lives."

- Rachel